The Masquerade Ball

Welcome to the enigmatic masquerade ball, where secrets are hidden behind every mask! As usual, among the eight distinguished suspects, one of them is a cold-blooded murderer. Enjoy this new puzzle!-Hiroji

The Undead Stadium

Halloween is almost here! Can you find which Human or Zombie killed Victor?If you enjoy this puzzle, the new Zombie Apocalypse Pack offers 5 more exciting grids following the same theme. Purchasing it helps me support this site and future Murder Mystery projects. Enjoy this puzzle! -Hiroji

Camping in the Wild

Another brand new puzzle for the autumn season, which apparently I associate with going out in the wild. Enjoy! Don’t forget to grab the Zombie pack for more exciting puzzles!

Zombie Apocalypse – Premium Puzzle Pack

I am delighted to announce the newest premium puzzle pack just in time for Halloween – Zombie Apocalypse! The outbreak has turned some of the suspects into zombies, but these monsters don’t provide clues about themselves… instead, they move as a relentless mob and you must find their location based on this unique behavior. This new twist provides fresh ways […]

Fireside Gathering

A group of friends went camping, until one of them disappeared. Who’s the culprit?A fairly easy puzzle for this week! -Hiroji

Autumn Lake

Hey folks, I’ve created a few new puzzles for the autumn season, these will be uploaded weekly, so grab a coffee and relax while you channel your inner detective!(Also, stay tuned for the Halloween premium pack!) -Hiroji (As some have pointed out, there were two possible solutions to the puzzle at the end. I’ve added a few trees which now […]

The Mystery Wedding

The groom was murdered! Who could have done such a horrible thing? Update: Fixed the clue that used to say ”there is one empty room” for the correct ”there was no empty room”, thanks for bringing it up.