9×9 grids for the most part, in which finding the first suspects requires more deduction and reasoning.

The Movie Theater

Here’s a new puzzle for this week that I had designed back in 2020 but never published. It was one of the earliest I had made, I was quite proud of it’s difficulty back then. Looking back at it today, I think it’s still a fun one… as long as we can suspend disbelief and imagine the TV screens as […]

The Ski Resort

Greetings everyone, it’s been a while since the last puzzle. As you can tell from the theme, I was hoping to publish this one earlier this year right for the winter season, but life got in the way for a few months. This one has unconventional dimensions, so pay close attention to the two general clues, as there is no […]

Autumn Lake

Hey folks, I’ve created a few new puzzles for the autumn season, these will be uploaded weekly, so grab a coffee and relax while you channel your inner detective!(Also, stay tuned for the Halloween premium pack!) -Hiroji (As some have pointed out, there were two possible solutions to the puzzle at the end. I’ve added a few trees which now […]

The Mystery Wedding

The groom was murdered! Who could have done such a horrible thing? Update: Fixed the clue that used to say ”there is one empty room” for the correct ”there was no empty room”, thanks for bringing it up.


Hello everyone, I hope that you’re having a good beginning of the year. Here’s a brand new Hard puzzle. Stay tuned for another one coming up later in March. Enjoy!-Hiroji