9×9 grids for the most part, in which finding the first suspects requires more deduction and reasoning.

Double Vision

Difficulty : Hard I apologize for the last of updates this month, stay tuned for more puzzles in December. Please subscribe to the mailing list at the bottom of the page to receive a notification when a new puzzle is posted.

The Concert

A tragic event has occurred during Harry’s performance. You must find the culprit. Difficulty : Hard, Duration : 5 minutes.

The Basement

In this house, the basement might hold the secret to Vicky’s disappearance. Note : There is now a black and white version available for those who prefer printing the puzzles. Duration : 10 minutes, Difficulty : Hard

The Dojo

It’s karate training night and the trainer has died mysteriously. Can you find the culprit? Duration : 10 minutes, Difficulty : Hard