9×9 grids for the most part, in which finding the first suspects requires more deduction and reasoning.

Autumn Lake

Hey folks, I’ve created a few new puzzles for the autumn season, these will be uploaded weekly, so grab a coffee and relax while you channel your inner detective!(Also, stay tuned for the Halloween premium pack!) -Hiroji (As some have pointed out, there were two possible solutions to the puzzle at the end. I’ve added a few trees which now […]

The Mystery Wedding

The groom was murdered! Who could have done such a horrible thing? Update: Fixed the clue that used to say ”there is one empty room” for the correct ”there was no empty room”, thanks for bringing it up.


Hello everyone, I hope that you’re having a good beginning of the year. Here’s a brand new Hard puzzle. Stay tuned for another one coming up later in March. Enjoy!-Hiroji


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Too Many Rooms

10 rooms, 8 suspects, one victim. Also, some people have asked me for an easy downloadable pack of all the puzzles published so far. Here is the link to download all 26 puzzles published last year on this site, and their solutions, available for free in PNG and PDF. Enjoy!

Double Vision

Difficulty : Hard I apologize for the last of updates this month, stay tuned for more puzzles in December. Please subscribe to the mailing list at the bottom of the page to receive a notification when a new puzzle is posted.