Wild West Puzzle Pack (Free)

I’m happy to announce that the first Premium puzzle pack is now available!
Enter a world of cowboys, outlaws, sheriffs and cows! These five puzzles introduce a new twist : outlaws. Every grid has outlaws hidden amongst the suspects, you will need to identify them all in order to find out which one is the murderer.

five puzzle grids scattered on the floor with the title Wild West puzzle pack

As a thank you for your support, this pack is available for free for all e-mail subscribers.
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  1. In The Ranch the solution, the solution seems ambiguous. I have two options for C, four for V and two for A. None of them change who the murderer is, but it’s not clean. We could infer about C, but that still leaves the flip flop option with V and A. It’s also possible that I’m missing a rule.

    1. Hi Jason,
      I think the only reasoning that’s missing is that the Victim is always alone with the Murderer. In this scenario, this means that the Victim must absolutely be in the Stable (there’s never 2 murderers).
      After finding E on the last remaining horse outside, this isolates C in the 1st column (B,F,G,H are already found). Also, the 4th column now has only one tile left available. The only person who could fit there is A. Then this leaves only one square for D, and V.

      I hope that helps!
      Best wishes!

  2. Long time subscriber, haven’t received the link I’m afraid…
    Happy to see you’re back, always love your puzzles, thanks for the hard work!

  3. Hello, we are newish subscribers. We are homeschoolers, gameschoolers and we love these logic puzzles. Thanks so much for providing so many free for those of us on budgets.

  4. New to these puzzles and have a rule question. I completed murder at the saloon and upon checking the solution I’m not sure I understand why Amelia is where she is? 1 outlaw is east of her aren’t there two outlaws east. Instructions don’t say east of her in room. Confused. Thanks

    1. Hi, here’s the explanation. Directions can always be within the same room or not. C says there is an outlaw beside the Horse in the Porch, B is also on the Porch. B cannot be an Outlaw. The Victim, killed by an outlaw, must then be either with A or E in the Main Area. There is no way that A can be in the Main Area with one Outlaw East of her. So A can only be on the Porch while being an Outlaw herself, and E must be the other Outlaw. Hope this helps! – Hiroji

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