Murder Mystery Puzzles for novice players, knowing the basic rules. They do not require using more complex tricks in order to solve them.

Fireside Gathering

A group of friends went camping, until one of them disappeared. Who’s the culprit?A fairly easy puzzle for this week! -Hiroji

Santa Mystery Puzzle

A brand new thematic puzzle for the Holidays. Please pay attention to the rules, as this one is slightly different, and a tad more joyful. No victim, no murderer. Instead, can you identify the cookie thief? This puzzle should be fairly easy to the regulars, and this should be a good introduction for the newcomers. I wanna take the occasion […]

A Lonely Event

Here’s another puzzle for beginners, slightly more complex than the first one. Eight suspects, six rooms in a standard 9×9 grid. Difficulty : Easy. Duration : 10-15 minutes.