Zombie Apocalypse – Premium Puzzle Pack

promo picture of the zombie apocalypse murder mystery premium pack, 5 puzzle grids floating in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

I am delighted to announce the newest premium puzzle pack just in time for Halloween – Zombie Apocalypse!

The outbreak has turned some of the suspects into zombies, but these monsters don’t provide clues about themselves… instead, they move as a relentless mob and you must find their location based on this unique behavior. This new twist provides fresh ways to solve each scenario through logic. Can you unravel the mystery and determine if the murderer is a human or one of the undead?

This pack features one 6×9 grid, one 9×9 grid, two 12×12 grids, and one 16×16 super grid. These puzzles range in difficulty from easy to genius, making them perfect for all skill levels.

By purchasing this pack, you not only gain access to five amazing new grids but also support the continued growth of Murder Mystery Puzzles. This helps me cover the costs of maintaining this site and allows me to create even more exciting puzzles in the future. I’m profoundly grateful for your ongoing support, and I can’t wait to keep delivering intriguing challenges for you. Thank you!

Get Zombie Apocalypse here!

Special thanks to Kas for helping test these puzzles!


  1. This was such a treat!! I’ve been following your website for some time, and thought you might’ve given up on these when you stopped updating in mid 2022…. So imagine my delight when I stumbled back on upon it to find dozens of new puzzles, and a great way to support the author!

    The extra rules you add to each of the the two bundles makes it that much more fun to complete; the unknown outlaws in the wild west pack, and the zombie sequences in this pack. I love that each puzzle is so high-quality, and a unique experience each time. Plus, I’ve really loved that there is so much replayability as well, as I will re-do these every few months and be stumped again by old favourites. As a lover of puzzle games, these are by far my favourites; combining Sudokus with the captivating plots and creativity of sherlock holmes novels.

    P.S. I wonder if you are working on an phone app at all for this? I think it would be a great hit! Also, I wonder if you’ve thought about using AI at all to generate the puzzles/clues – I wonder if that would be helpful if not!

    Tip for puzzle solvers: For the zombie pack, if you don’t already, you probably want to print these puzzles out as the zombie rules makes things much more challenging to complete on a computer. I’ve been using a highlighter to block out squares that are empty, and diagonal lines to mark squares that zombies can’t be in, and found that to be helpful.

    1. Hi Kat!

      Wow, thanks for the comment, I’m really happy to read your review!

      I know I’ve have a hard time keeping up with the schedule to publish regular puzzles, I often find myself losing motivation or just focusing on other life priorities. I think these packs add a nice breath of fresh air when it comes to the rules, I’ve had a lot of fun making them, and I’m glad that people are having a lot of fun solving them too.

      The mobile version is something I should have had finished months if not years ago. I’ve had one almost ready in 2021, but it wasn’t quite good enough to my satisfaction. Right now my plan is to release a free web version compatible with both mobile and pc, it would feature weekly puzzles (who knows, maybe even daily someday), similar to what you’d expect with Wordle. I absolutely cannot give an ETA for this though.

      I think that using an AI or algorithm for generating this type of puzzle would be great, but it would also be very challenging to also keep the puzzles thematic and interesting. Algorithms tend to give a samey feel to the results, so I’m afraid the quality might suffer… so for now I still have to rely on some good old brain power!


  2. Also, for fellow puzzle solvers, just to clarify the rules on the last puzzle of the zombie bundle (as I was confused about them at first):

    – Anytime the legend says “room”, assume instead it says “room, STREET, OR AREA”. for example: Clyde: all zombies were in a different room, STREET, OR AREA
    – Chairs and cars count as objects, so zombies A-F were all beside a different type of the 6 object in the legend

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