Knights & Nobles – 3 Premium Puzzle Packs

Dear fans,
It is my pleasure to announce the new Premium Puzzle packs – Knights & Nobles!

Step back into a medieval time shrouded in mystery and intrigue, where the fates of characters from various social classes are intertwined. Can you uncover the assassin hidden amidst the suspects? Will your wits and logic prevail?

In order to accommodate players of all skill levels, the 15 puzzles are split into three packs :

​Villager’s Puzzle Pack – 5 Easy Murder Mystery Grids,​ perfect for beginner players

​Knight’s Puzzle Pack – 5 Medium Murder Mystery Grids​, for intermediate players

​King’s Puzzle Pack – 5 Hard Murder Mystery Grids​, for the more advanced players

Kingdom Bundle – All 3 packs (6$ off)​

By purchasing these puzzles, you not only gain access to amazing new grids but also support the continued growth of Murder Mystery Puzzles. This helps me cover the costs of maintaining this site and allows me to create even more exciting puzzles in the future. I’m profoundly grateful for your ongoing support, and I can’t wait to keep delivering intriguing challenges for you. Thank you!


Special thanks to Cindy, Lucia, Kat, Ayush and Mohammad for helping test these puzzles!

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