The Mystery Wedding

The groom was murdered! Who could have done such a horrible thing?


  1. The first clue says “There was exactly one empty room”. Is this true? Brad says that the East and West Court both were occupied, Colton says the Chapel was occupied and Henrietta says the Altar was occupied. There’s no other rooms left that could be empty. Am I missing something, or this is an error in the puzzle?

  2. If Brad is in West Court, there are two persons in East Court, Colton and a woman are in the Chapel, and there was a man and a woman on the altar, then how can there be exactly one empty room?

  3. I think the “only one empty room” clue is left over from the previous puzzle.

    I ignored that clue and got the posted solution.

  4. Others have already pointed out that the first clue contradicts all the other clue. Thankfully, I can confirm that the puzzle is uniquely solvable with the intended solution if the first clue is ignored.

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