Vincent’s Breakfast

Here’s another expert puzzle, this time in a slightly larger format. This being a 9×10 grid, it features one empty row.

Size : 9×10, Duration : 15-20 minutes, Difficulty : Expert


  1. hi! I love these puzzles! if I use my own original art would you be ok if I recreate puzzles for my online community?

    1. Hi! If you’d like to create your own puzzle with your own art (new problem and new solution) while giving me credit for the concept, no problem.

      If I were to release the ‘puzzle-maker’ software to make your own puzzles, is that something you’d be interested in? Unfortunately, I don’t have time to create as many new puzzles as I’d like to at the moment.

  2. Isn’t it possible to keep C and E in their row but switch their columns? So there is no unique solution although it still puts the in the same spot.

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