Poll : The future of Murder Mystery Puzzles

Dear fans, I’ve received many suggestions over the past months about possible projects and features concerning Murder Mystery Puzzles. If I can have 2 minutes of your time, I would greatly appreciate it if you could click on the poll below to let me know your interest in some of these ideas. This will give me a clearer view about […]

Too Many Rooms

10 rooms, 8 suspects, one victim. Also, some people have asked me for an easy downloadable pack of all the puzzles published so far. Here is the link to download all 26 puzzles published last year on this site, and their solutions, available for free in PNG and PDF. Enjoy!

The Snowstorm

For the first puzzle of the year, I wanted to try something a bit different. In this one, everyone is outside and there are no rooms. The Victim must not be placed, instead, whoever is placed beside any tree is identified as the murderer. Good luck!

Santa Mystery Puzzle

A brand new thematic puzzle for the Holidays. Please pay attention to the rules, as this one is slightly different, and a tad more joyful. No victim, no murderer. Instead, can you identify the cookie thief? This puzzle should be fairly easy to the regulars, and this should be a good introduction for the newcomers. I wanna take the occasion […]

The Clover Mystery

Difficulty : Medium Please subscribe to the mailing list to receive automatic updates whenever a new puzzle is published.