Vincent’s Breakfast

Here’s another expert puzzle, this time in a slightly larger format. This being a 9×10 grid, it features one empty row. Size : 9×10, Duration : 15-20 minutes, Difficulty : Expert

The Family Dinner

The first expert puzzle, requiring a bit more deduction. As is the case for every puzzle so far, there is a minimum of 1 person per room. Duration : 20-30 minutes, Difficulty : Expert

A Lonely Event

Here’s another puzzle for beginners, slightly more complex than the first one. Eight suspects, six rooms in a standard 9×9 grid. Difficulty : Easy. Duration : 10-15 minutes.

The Beginner’s Night

The perfect initiation to the Murder Mystery puzzles. Four rooms, five suspects, and very limited options for each one. Difficulty : Very Easy. Duration : 5-10 minutes.