Battle Ships

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  1. I would suggest changing the word “ship” in Eugene’s clue, and the word “boat” in Aubree’s clue to “vessel” (or a similar word).

    As written, Eugene’s clue says that he is in the corner of a “ship”. The only area described as a ship is the container ship. The rest are described as “boats” or “yacht”, so one may think that Eugene can only be on the container ship.

    Aubree’s clue says that she is on a “boat”, so one may think that she cannot be on a “ship” or “yacht”, as these are not described as boats.

    Great puzzles!

    1. That’s a really good point, it’s true that the words ”boat” and ”ship” are confusing in the suspects clues. Replacing by ”vessel” is a really good solution too, I just corrected the puzzle, thank you!

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