Too Many Rooms

10 rooms, 8 suspects, one victim.

Also, some people have asked me for an easy downloadable pack of all the puzzles published so far. Here is the link to download all 26 puzzles published last year on this site, and their solutions, available for free in PNG and PDF. Enjoy!


      1. It would be really nice if you can explain solution step by step, not just suspect positions. And Thank you for your amazing puzzles! Keep it up and good luck!

  1. This puzzle was really fun and it was a bit challenging but I did it in the end. My mum helped me. I am really excited for your new ones. Thank you for sharing them ☺️

  2. Please add step by step solutions. It’s hard to know how did you solve the puzzle just by looking at suspect positions. Anyway thank you so much for your amazing puzzle. Keep it up and Good luck!

    1. Hi, there is a step by step solution for this puzzle in the top right corner of the ‘Solution’ page. Some of the older puzzles don’t have the step by step, maybe it’s something that will be added in the future. Thanks for the feedback! -Hiroji

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