The Movie Theater

Here’s a new puzzle for this week that I had designed back in 2020 but never published. It was one of the earliest I had made, I was quite proud of it’s difficulty back then. Looking back at it today, I think it’s still a fun one… as long as we can suspend disbelief and imagine the TV screens as theater screens. Enjoy!



    1. I admit this step isn’t very well explained in the solution.

      – B and D must be in Entrance and Hallway (we dont know which is where yet), and they are separate from each other.
      – For this reason, C+E cannot be in the Hallway, because it has only two columns, and it must also contain either B or D.
      – C+E cannot be in Cashiers either because C,E,A in Cashiers would block G in the Projection Room.

      This leaves only one option for C, she must be with A.

      Thanks for asking to clarify, I hope this makes it a bit clearer.

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